About Vineyarts

Based in Rome, Vineyarts is one of Europe’s premier Art & Wine Studios. Located in the heart of city center Rome, our 17th century art studio is perfect for tourists and travelers of all ages.

As a company we have one goal, to provide a truly memorable experience of Art, Wine and History in a relaxed and fun setting. Allowing visitors from all-over to engage and socialise with each other in a unique “off the beaten path” activity away from the busy Roman streets.

The final ingredient in our mix is excellent and authentic Italian foods and wines accompanied by our hand selected art instructors.

We always aim to provide an experience you and your companions will talk about for years to come.

Fun Art, not Fine Art!

The Team

Giggs Kgole

Sam Bordley

Andrea Coiro

“Everything you can imagine is real”

 Pablo Picasso

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